About us

Nice to meet you

– our promise –

We bring insight. And in that which happens right under your nose.

You could call it a look into your own kitchen. Despite the fact that your own organisation holds no secrets for you, we promise that we will come up with many innovative and useful insights.

Our advice, based on knowledge and data, makes choices easy. And that, every time.

– our plan –

We believe that good garden centres always need a concept that is partly data-driven and partly entrepreneur-driven.

We see many garden centres that are only ‘entrepreneur-driven’. And yet there is so much data available! And we don’t just mean industry data and benchmarks, but also data generated from a specific shop.
By using the right tools, we bring order into this big data chaos. By making this data processable and insightful, we create new insights. These insights are the basis for a perfectly fitting shop concept.

– this is our story –

Hi, my name is Laurens Doesborgh and I am the owner of lookINsight. Let me give you a bit of background information about me and our company, so you know ‘who you’re dealing with’.

Since the 1st of june 2021, I have set out and took the plunge: starting a new business. A business to be described as young, yet experienced. Since the age of 12 I have been around garden centres, working at what is now one of Netherlands biggest centre: Tuincentrum Leurs. Throughout my Industrial Design course which I followed at the Eindhoven University of Technology, I’ve worked there during all of my weekends, public holidays and later on fulltime, in order to complete a 4.000m² extension project.

After graduating with both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, I never could have guessed that somehow I would remain ‘connected’ to the garden centre industry. But through the work I did for the extension project, I came across Kees de Haan, owner of De Haan Group who, in short terms, took me in and that is where I have spent the last 12 years!

At De Haan Group I have been responsible for developing concepts, account management and took on the role as commercial director for the past 6 years. So to put it in simple terms: I do know what I am talking about when it comes to garden centres!

In order to get a project going, I believe in the power of data. So much information on sales, customers, turnover, margins, KPI’s is available but they are not used enough. The impact of a good sales and financial analysis, connected to the plans and square meters available are an essential part of a good design. Ánd, on top of that, we still need that entrepreneurial touch to make it one-of-a-kind!

Just send me a short message through one of the options on this website in order to get in touch and let us find out if we can give your garden centre a new look-and-feel by discovering the INsights of the market!

– this is us 🙂 –

A team of three and growing: Our goal is to be a full service design and consulting agency for garden centres. With that comes specialism, which is mainly divided up in:

Mariette Thompson

Mariette Thompson

Data Analyst - Dashboard Design

With a long history in data analysis, Mariëtte is always finding interesting things when working with a garden centre’s data. Precise and steady she develops the PowerBI Dashboards that help you drive more sales and margin!

Kristel Delien

Kristel Delien

Creative Designer

Former Creative Directer at De Haan Group, Kristel started her own design company in 2020. Having worked for more than 11 years in the garden centre industry makes her a very experienced creative!

Laurens Doesborgh

Laurens Doesborgh

Industrial Design M.Sc. - Owner

With over 25 years of industry know-how and a big international network, Laurens is the driving force behind lookINsight.
Really wanting to help garden centre owners and the industry forward is what Laurens loves the most!


– our environmental commitment –

Since we are working in the greenest industry on earth, we truly believe we can make an lasting impact on the world. Not only by our designs and concepts, but also by simply looking at how we do things: to really incorporate this into our DNA and not have any blind spots in our own way of working, we have teamed up with Climate Partner
ClimatePartner has been supporting companies in their climate action for almost 20 years. With ClimatePartner certified, they give us a clear plan to follow, broken down into five steps.

– the 5 steps –

1. Measure carbon footprints

Understand the emissions of your company and its products.

2. Set reduction targets

Define a roadmap to continually reduce emissions.

3. Implement reductions

Take action to reduce your company’s emissions.

4. Finance climate projects

Support verified climate projects to finance global climate action.

5. Communicate transparently

Share your climate action efforts to maximise impact.

– 100% carbon neutral –

Having gone through the 5 steps of Climate Action, and setting our own targets to keep reducing our footprint with how we do business brought us to the question: What do we do now that we know our Carbon Footprint?
We’ve decided to compensate 100% of our remaining CO2 emission by financing climate projects. For that we selected a project that suited us the best: A certified climate project combined with additional commitment