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Approach & DNA

We offer you a comprehensive insight into your current brand/ brand experience. How supportive is your brand in marketing and sales efforts? We take a closer look at your current customer and especially the customer you are looking for, but also your competitors. Which customers are they looking for?

We also discuss what your customer is looking for from you. We look at current and old content of your brand and the style of your brand.

You can see the Brand Analysis as the foundation for your Brand Strategy. Until your brand perfectly reflects what you offer in services and products, many of your customers will remain confused and you will not get the most out of your brand and customer relationship.

Breakdown & Optimize

With this step we examine your current sales figures. We look at which departments/checkout groups are doing well/poorly based on turnover, margin and surface area.

We will also indicate whether any strategic product groups are missing that would match the brand book / strategy drawn up in ‘Approach & DNA’.

In this case, we will use the data from the above to determine the future distribution of surfaces for the new garden centre. On the basis of this projection we can make a thorough estimate of the turnover potential.

Concept & Design

In this step we will completely organise and design your garden centre. We start with 2 parallel processes; one focuses mainly on the emotional: how does it look and feel? Materials, colours, scents; we tackle everything that stimulates the senses in this section.

The other parallel process focuses mainly on shopper requirements; sizes, depths and walking route. How will the customer walk through the store and when will she/ he see what? The output/ data from phase 2 ‘Breakdown & Optimize’ will be the basis for the department sizes here.

When these basic routes and departments are in place, we will take the next step in detailing. Where will which furniture be placed, how many plant tables and racks, counters, etc.

In addition to the floor plan/ layout, in this step we will also look at the objects that make it YOUR store. Derivatives from mood boards but also from the brand book and CI manual ensure an unambiguous and consistent shopping experience for the customer.

Details & Decisions

When the above steps have been completed, we come to a point that materials must be purchased to realize the concept. This often involves a lot of money. Based on the specification book, we indicate what the offers must meet and how they should be structured, so that a comparison is possible and actually find the best price/ quality ratio.

Thanks to our many years of experience in shop fitting for garden centres, we can help you through this process properly and efficiently. If you want a good comparison in which apples to apples are compared, matters such as planning and logistics play a role, as well as secondary factors such as sustainability and use of materials, we can organise this for you.