We are a design & consultancy agency for garden centres

Our goal is to build better garden centres by bringing insight

“We believe that good garden centres always need a concept that is partially data driven and partially entrepreneurial driven. In my experience I have seen many ‘entrepreneurial driven’-only garden centres, even though so much data is available.”


Our Services

Here we investigate ‘Who you are & Who do you want to be?’. Brand-, Market- & Customer- research is converted into clear & tangible data and goals.

You already have a garden centre? Let’s analyse the performance of the various departments and/ or product groups. What square meter profit are you making? Which areas underperform? Factual feedback is what you are getting here!

This is where the magic happens 🙂

We take the results from the previous two steps as the foundation for your design. Meaning it is a one-off concept, tailored to you, with a well-founded basis.

A good design is a good start, but securing quality on planning and pricing is another key component of its success.

We will help you out with ready to be quoted drawings, requesting quotes and finding the right building partners/ suppliers.

Nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Laurens Doesborgh and I am the owner of lookINsight.

Thanks for taking the time to discover our website and learn a bit about what we do.

Concept & Design

Every aspect covered. All in 3d – VR enabled.

SPOGA/Gafa 2022 – EFSA Conceptstore

„Die neue Strukturierung und geänderten Sortimente aller bestehenden Ostmann Gartencenter auf das Intratuin Konzept war ein besondere Herausforderung.

Dank der kreativen Ideen und am Ende auch wirtschaftlich interessanten Lösungen war es eine super Zusammenarbeit mit Laurens. 

Das neue Projekt in Oldenburg mit Hofgarten und Intratuin Konzept 3.0 auf 13000m2 war für uns sehr besonders und ein Highlight. 

Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen. Danke für die engagierte Zusammenarbeit. Immer gerne wieder“

— Rainer Ostmann

Let’s connect today & let us bring you more INsight!

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight” – Carly Fiorina